Packaging for wood-based products

Wood-based products are sensitive to humidity and dirt. Your products will withstand handling, transportation and storage significantly better in Cross Wrap packaging than in traditional packaging. In addition, Cross Wrap can help you streamline your logistics, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Cross Wrap provides an automated packing process for boards, helping our clients reduce labour costs. Packaging material costs are also lower, as the stretch film eliminates the need for straps, corner covers and side plates. We can automatically wrap packages of various sizes on the same line, providing an identical and visually appealing appearance to all your products to enhance your company’s image. Stretch film is a recyclable material. A Cross-Wrapped package doesn’t need a pallet, as forklift handling is enabled by bottom skids, which are inserted automatically. We can also produce a label with the product details in between the wrapping layers – this feature is also automatic.

Cross Wrap stretch film wrapping equipment is suitable for wrapping e.g. the following wood-based products:

  • Plywood and veneer
  • MDF and OSB boards
  • Sawn lumber and downstream products



  • Protects the products from dust, dirt and rainfall
  • Cross Wrap packaging protects the product against humidity and temperature changes
  • Automatic line reduces labour costs and boosts production capacity
  • Packages of various sizes from the same line – automatically!
  • Visually appealing packaging enhances your company’s image
  • The stretch film is enough, no straps or corner covers are needed
  • Tight wrapping from all sides, including the bottom
  • Reliable operation and low maintenance costs
  • Saves packaging materials
  • The environment-friendly polyethylene film can be recycled or used for energy recovery
  • The package is easy to open – partial opening is also possible!

stretch film reduces cost of transporting and storing waste materials - cross wrap ltd